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the brand.

We strive to stand out and so should you!

Fat Jays is a South African brand originating in Stellenbosch, 2016. What started off as a little vintage brand selling once off items is now launching its own line. Our mission is to create the highest level of function, relevance, and comfort, in the most responsible way possible. Fat Jays is based on supporting cannabis but at the same time providing people with some seriously unique apparel, boasting 1 main brand that is FAT JAYS and 2 sub-brands FJ-HYPE and FJ-vintage.


Our plan is to eventually become a fully green organisation, leaving a negative carbon footprint on our planet. Unfortunately we don’t have the funds to organise this at the moment, but we are doing our small part to aid the environment by advertising less unlimited stock (Fat Jays) and more once off items (FJ-HYPE) and FJ-vintage items. While providing only recycled genuine leather products. But the plan is to be completely green, eventually, with the use of hemp.


We are supporting the full legal regulation of cannabis in South Africa by providing R1000 of our monthly sales (from May 2019) to the Fields of Green For All foundation (founded by the famous Dagga Couple – Myrtle Clark and Julian Stobbs). In doing so, becoming combined highest donors for the foundation (platinum).


Because we’re online it’s a quick and easy shopping experience. With a very speedy delivery service too; same day delivery to 5 business days (depending on your location). Please see our returns policy.


We’re trying to eliminate the worry of you fitting your garment correctly by making them all slightly oversized. We think this is better because you still get that swagger look coupled with all the comfort in the world. The headwear is one size fits all.

You may request to create your own product.


Fat Jays, FJ-HYPE and FJ-vintage


Fat Jays items are unlimited in availability and are top quality. Only subtle logos are placed on these items. The items are only ever black, white or grey – aiming for a more straight forward and serious approach towards cannabis culture and assisting in removing the stigma around the idea that only happy hippies support cannabis culture. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a happy hippy – one love!

(Recycled Genuinely Leather Products are part of the Fat Jays unlimited stock)


FJ-HYPE garments are the rarest products we possess. Best of all – there’s usually only one in your size, and/or only 3 ever made! They’re of the best quality and will have striking artworks on whatever coloured item. We’re aiming for uniqueness here in allowing you to own these products that barely anyone else on the whole planet will own.


FJ-vintage  will be releases of once off thrift items.

Our apparel and accessories utilize textiles like hemp, organic cotton, and recycled polyester which delivers performance, comfort, and accountability. What you wear matters and FatJays will consistently strive to provide eco-friendly apparel and accessories.

Our Message:

We’re here to provide you with some super fresh garments while also supporting the legal cannabis regulation trial. This does not mean that all of our garments are related to cannabis. A major part of the Fat Jays lifestyle is living a balanced life… with a special emphasis towards students. Work and play. But keep it balanced. Stay healthy. So we will also be making garments that simply relate to life and living it in a balanced way. Having fun is most important. Do whatever you want. But don’t fall by the wayside… keep balanced.


With that being said we’d also like to announce that we are collaborating with professionals to bring you articles that have to do with being little bit healthier – mentally and physically – directed at students. Obviously plenty marijuana based posts too… but as a brand we have to be responsible. So we’re just providing some simple student based posts to assist with mental stability.


Other than that we hope you enjoy the brand. It’s designed to satisfy the people by being as unique as possible while still maintaining that great quality, top service, and an easy shopping convenience.

contact us.

  • 2 Churchill road, Winston Park, Gillitts, 3610, KZN, South Africa .
  • +27 71 515 7821